Your kit comes with BLINKY.SHOES strips (with loop/soft velcro on the back), strips of velcro (with hook/rough velcro on one side, and adhesive on the other), boxes with batteries and cables, battery clips, adhesive tape squares, stickers, setup guide, and a silica desiccant packet. 

You will be attaching the hook velcro from the roll to your shoes.

  1. Clean and fully dry your shoes around the bottom perimeter

  2. Attach a velcro strip on the toe, heel, and both sides. (We recommend 4 strips per shoe, so you will have an extra application with what we’ve provided.) 

NOTE: Avoid attaching strips on the flex point on the sides of the shoe where the the sole bends. Flexing up/down will damage LEDs. 

  1. Press your BLINKY.SHOES strip to the velcro, starting at the heel with the USB port pointing upwards.

  2. Trim the excess strip past your toe with scissors and then pull the stitching apart on the sheath 1/2 inch to open it up. Trim the electronics inside 1/2 inch further and insert tape square. Seal together and trim the excess tape with scissors.

  3. Plug in batteries and press silver button to turn on BLINKY.SHOES. To cycle through modes press button twice quickly. Attach provided clips to the battery to hook them onto laces, socks, etc.

    NOTE: These are delicate electronics! Treat them like you would a cell phone to extend their life. Don’t get them wet! Don’t bend, twist or fold them! LOVE THEM. 



ADHESIVES: In our testing, the velcro adhesive sticks to most shoes in most conditions. If the velcro adhesive doesn’t stick well enough to the shoes you want to use there are a few options:

  • You can staple the velcro to the sole using a regular office stapler. These staples will hold the velcro and keep it from peeling away. They can also be removed if desired by pulling out, and will not leave a visible mark on most shoes (test your shoes to be sure if you are concerned).

  • You can permanently attach velcro to your shoes by using a separate adhesive. We have had the best results with silicone adhesives and epoxy.

ere is a video with visuals along with the process:



  • Plug the small end of the provided USB cable (micro USB) into the BLINKY.SHOES strip, and plug the large end (regular USB) into the port on the battery marked “5V OUT.”

  • Use the rectangular button on the battery to switch BLINKY.SHOES on and off.

  • To switch between modes, quickly switch on and off within two seconds by double-clicking the button. When you turn it on, the color scheme for the mode will be displayed briefly, then it will go dark as the lights are now responsive to movement.

  • The order of the colors and modes are:

    • Responsive mode: User Mode (Purple, Pink, Cyan)

    • Responsive mode: MLP (Pastel Rainbow)

    • Responsive mode: Fire (Red, Yellow, White)

    • Responsive mode: Willy Wonka (Purple, Green, Yellow)

    • Responsive mode: Skywalker (Blue, White, Yellow)

    • Responsive mode: Candy (Pink, Violet, Blue)

    • Responsive mode: Waterworld (Green, Cyan, Blue)

    • Responsive mode: Morpheus (Red, Blue)

    • Responsive mode: Princess Peach (Pink, White, Yellow)

    • Responsive mode: Rainbow Flow

    • Constant-On flux mode: Rainbow

    • Constant-On rotate mode: Rainbow



  • You can use the supplied plastic battery clips to attach your battery to your laces or sock. Just peel the paper backing from the plastic clip, and stick the clip onto the battery.

  • NOTE: When your battery is running low, the lights on the shoe will start to wig out. Nothing is broken... just charge the battery!

  • To charge the battery, plug the small end of the USB cable (micro USB) into the port marked “5V IN” and plug the large end (regular USB) into any USB charger (not provided).

  • While charging, the battery flashes blue and red LEDs alternately.

  • When the battery is fully charged, the red LED lights up continuously.



BLINKY.SHOES is based on Arduino Leonardo. You can reprogram it using the Arduino software:

  1. Get the latest Arduino software here:

  2. Plug the small end of the cable (micro USB) into the BLINKY.SHOES board, and plug the large end (USB) into your computer. The first time you plug BLINKY.SHOES into your computer, you may need to install USB drivers. See here for instructions:

  3. Click HERE to download the BLINKY.SHOES code, then and extract the zip file.

  4. Open “bs24_code.ino” in the Arduino software.

  5. Edit away! (Easiest things to change are the color names in the existing patterns.) 

  6. Select “Arduino Leonardo” in the Tools > Board menu.

  7. Select the correct port in the Tools > Serial Port menu. On the Mac, the serial port should be something like “/dev/tty.usbmodem1d11.” On Windows, it will be a COM port.

  8. Press the Upload button to upload the code to the board.

  9. The LEDs will flash when the upload completes.

If the upload doesn’t work, try a different port or look here for more troubleshooting information: